2D Keystone Corrects vertical and horizontal keystoning of the image.

3D 2D Conversion Convert 2D content into 3D images for a 3D effect.

360° Tilt Projection The projector can be tilted vertically at any angle, allowing projection onto ceilings, walls, floors, or angled signage.

3D Color Management Independently fine-tune the hue, gain and saturation levels of each of the six primary colors (R/G/B/Y/C/M).

4 to 1 Display Under LAN or wireless display settings, you can support up to 4 PC display contents to 1 projector simultaneously.

6X-Speed RGBRGB Color Wheel A six-segment color wheel (RGBRGB), with six times the speed, can produce incredibly realistic color depth and range.

AMX Device Discovery Compatible with the AMX Device Discovery protocol.

ANSI Lumens (American National Standard Institute) The ANSI measure considers a white picture projected on the entire surface of a 102cm diagonally long screen. This surface is sub-divided into 9 zones which is measured in lux brightness at the center. ANSI lumens are the result of an average of 9 measurements.

Anti-Dust Filter Serving as additional protection to the sealed DLP engine, two advanced filters ensure maximum performance even when the projector must be installed during dusty construction periods. The pleated, highly-protective filters can be easily cleaned or replaced from the front or right side of the projector, even if it is ceiling-mounted.


Auto Blank The projector is equipped with a sensor to detect any object approaching the projection lens and enters Blank mode automatically within a short time once the object is within 30 degrees perpendicular to the sensor and 10cm from the sensor. Moving the object away from the effective range will also return the projector to its normal image after few seconds.

Auto Power Off Allows the projector to turn off automatically if no input signal is detected after a set period of time.

Auto Vertical Keystone Auto corrects vertical keystoning of the image.

Blank Timer The projector returns to the image automatically after a set period of time when there is no action taken on the blank screen. 

Brilliant Color BrilliantColor offers up to 6-color processing to boost secondary colors and deliver reliable and precise color for long lasting periods.

Built-In Test Pattern Built-in test patterns allows easy calibration and installation.

Closed Captioning An on-screen display of the dialogue, narration and sound effects of TV programs and videos that are closed captioned.


Corner Fit Manually adjust each corner of an image independently to have correct picture dimensions.

Crestron eControl Compatible with Crestron eControl protocol.


Crestron Fusion RV(RoomView) compatible Compatible with Crestron RoomView software.

Digital Zoom Magnify the projected image digitally and exlpore the details by navigating the picture.

Direct Power On The projector will turn on automatically after the power cord has been connected and power has been applied.

DLP (Digital Light Processing) DLP projectors provide excellent brightness / compactness. DLP technology uses an all-digital chip to project and display images. Invented by Texas Instruments, DLP technology is based on an optical semiconductor called the DMD (Digital MicroMirror Device) chip.

Eco Blank The Eco Blank Mode, which lowers power consumption by up to 70%, can be used to blank the projection screen when the projector is not in use, in turn eliminating distractions in class and redirecting students' focus back onto the teacher.

Frame interpolation Enhances picture smoothness and clarity using motion estimation/motion compensation technology.

Freeze Freezes only the projected image whilst the audio continues to play.

HDMI Signal Power On The projector will turn on automatically after an HDMI signal is detected.

High Altitude Mode A mode for operation in high altitude areas which includes a special fan setting.

Instant Restart Enables the user to restart the projector immediately within 90 seconds after turning it off.

Interchangeable Color Wheel An additional 6-segment color wheel is included as a standard accessory, which allows users to fulfill different occasions and requirements by changing the two color wheels.


Interchangeable Lens (group1) Optimizing projector performance for all venues and applications, seven types of optical lenses comprising short-throw to long-throw are available. The lenses attach and detach with one-touch ease and feature motorized adjustment for focus/zoom/lens shift.


Interchangeable Lens (group2) Optimizing projector performance for all venues and applications, five types of optical lenses comprising short-throw to long-throw are available. The lenses attach and detach with one-touch ease and feature manual adjustment for focus/zoom/lens shift.

ISFccc Certification Allows users to enjoy a perfectly calibrated picture quality by ISF technicians, along with two optimized modes - ISF Day and Night mode.

Keystone Adjustment The "keystone" is a geometric distortion that occurs when the projector is not in the axis of the screen (too high, too low). The image is distorted. A digital correction (pixel compression) deforms the image in exactly the opposite proportions so as to compensate the geometrical defect of the image.

LAN Control Web browser on a computer connected through a wired LAN system lets you remotely operate projectors and check their status.

Lens Memory Equipped with 10 customizable memory settings for image size, position, and focus, the projector detects and optimizes source material with various aspect ratios onto the projection area.

Lens Shift The lens shift control provides flexibility for installing your projector. It allows the projector to be positioned off the center of the screen. The lens shift is expressed as a percentage of the projected image height or width. It is measured as an offset from the projected image's vertical or horizontal center.

Mechanical Shutter The mechanical shutter completely blocks out light to eliminate light leakage for situations that require total darkness, such as during concerts.

MHL Connectivity With MHL, you can present your contents instantly using your Android smart device. Turn small screens into big screens by mirroring documents, photos, videos and any other content in your smart device onto the projection screen. You can choose the optional BenQ QCast dongle to offer you better functionality and multiple smart device platform compatiblity.

New 3D Featuring 3D capabilities with HDMI 1.4a mandatory 3D formats, allowing you to enjoy a wide selection of 3D contents from your Blu-ray DVD players, satellite, PS3, PS4 and Xbox One.

NFC Wireless Display Tap the NFC wireless dongle with your NFC-enabled smart device to begin presenting. For ceiling-mounted projectors, you can tap the NFC card or sticker instead. The wireless functionality is the same as other BenQ Wireless displays.

No Source Detect Mode Automatically switches to Eco Blank Mode after the projector is turned on for over three minutes without a display source, eliminating unnecessary energy waste and prolonging the life of the projector lamp.

Office Viewer To read files from USB memory devices. Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Excel, Word and PDF file formats are supported.

Offline Cooling An integrated capacitor keeps the cooling system operational in case of power outages, preventing heat damage to the lamps. This smart solution helps eliminate unexpected costs and downtime.

Panel Key Lock Disables or enables all panel key functions except for the "power key" on the projector and remote control.

PIP (Picture In Picture) Displays pictures simultaneously from two input sources onto a single screen.

PJ Link compatible Compatible with the PJ Link protocol.

PointWrite The PointWrite interactive kit is an optional accessory which can enable interactivity by pen and finger touch.

Power On Lock Set a password to prevent unauthorized use. The user will need to enter the correct password after powering on the projector, otherwise the image will not be shown on the screen.

Presentation Timer Indicates the presentation time on the screen to help you achieve better time management when giving presentations.

Quick Auto Source Search Automatically search all available input signals.

Quick Cooling The projector cooling time is shortened from 90 seconds to approximately 2 seconds.

Quick-Release Button for Lens Swaps The hot-swappable lens unlocks instantly with the quick-release button for lens changes.

Quick Wireless Connection USB No software installation or information registration required. Launch the QPresenter software stored in the Quick USB to set up and begin your business presentation (for PC only).

Remote Desktop Allows teachers to remotely operate the PC via the network when connecting a USB mouse and keyboard to the projector.

Security Bar Allows users to insert the security cable or commercially available wire into the opening to prevent the unauthorized removal of the projector.

Sleep Timer The projector will be turned off after a set period of time.

SmartEco Offers lower TCO and optimized projection through dynamic power saving, uncompromised brightness, exquisite picture quality and optimized lamp life.

Teaching Template The projector provides several preset patterns for various teaching purposes which includes letter formation /Worksheet /Coordinate chart for both whiteboard and blackboard scenarios.

Throw Ratio Throw ratio refers to the ratio of "the distance to the screen" to "the screen width". A shorter throw ratio corresponds to a shorter throwing distance from projector to the screen.

Top-Access Lamp Door Designed to replace the projector lamp safely and quickly from the top of the projector when it is ceiling mounted.

USB Display Mirror your computer display by connecting a USB cable to the projector without installing any drivers.


USB Reader Read files from USB memory devices - GIF, TIFF, PNG and BMP file formats supported.

User Memory Setting Allows users to store their customised picture settings in User1 and User2 mode.

Variable Audio Out The volume of external speakers can be controlled by the projector OSD (On-Screen Display) menu. The built-in speaker will be muted automatically when the AUDIO OUT jack is connected.

VGA Signal Power On The projector will turn on automatically after a VGA signal is detected.

Wall Color Correction Correct the projected picture's color to offset the color differences of wall backgrounds.

Wireless Display (AP mode) Display content over wireless LAN by various devices (PC, mobile device) by using Qpresenter PC software or the Qpresenter APP. It can display from 1 PC to 8 projectors simultaneously. Under AP mode, the projector is able to operate as a wireless LAN access point which is a peer to peer connection; No internet access under this mode.

Wireless Display (Infrastructure mode) Display content over wireless LAN by various devices (PC, mobile device) by using Qpresenter PC software or the Qpresenter APP, allowing you to display from 1 PC to 8 projectors simultaneously. Under Infrastructure mode, the projector is connected to the local area network wirelessly and is readily accessed by any computer on the same local area network; You can keep internet access in this mode.

Zoom Ratio Zoom ratio is the ratio of the shortest and longest ranges of a zoom lens. Bigger zoom ratios can give you better installation flexibility, with a larger range of throw distances.